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Think of IFS implementation & Support, think of Single Stream ERP Solutions.We are the leaders in IFS implementation, Support, and Business Intelligence Reporting.


Think IFS implementation & support, think of Single Stream ERP Solutions. We are the leaders in IFS implementation, Support, and Business Intelligence Reporting. Our expert teams help you with 360-degree implementation starting from mapping, deployment, customization, and post-deployment support. We offer complete and robust implementation, support, and business intelligence reporting.

Supply Chain Management

We cover end-to-end configuration which includes Inventory Management, Purchase Management, Change Order Management, Subcontracting, Material Requirement Planning, Shipment Handling, and Sales Order.

Project Management

We deliver the complete project cycle management from initiation to closure. Our teams support you in the best project mapping, which includes budget and forecast, project cost control, project invoicing, supplier invoice forwarding, sale contract management, commitment analysis and so on.

Financials Management

Finance is the nerve center for any organization. Our unmatched expert teams support you to map all the subledgers in such a way that reconciliation process becomes extremely simple. Master setup is the key for Finance mapping. Our teams are equipped to handle the books and local country taxation laws (GST/VAT/Sales Tax and WHT) as per country requirements. We support multiple books like GAAP IFRS etc.

  • Corporate Setup
  • Payable Management
  • Receivable Management
  • Credit Management
  • Budgeting, Forecasting, and Roll Forward
  • Tax Reporting
  • Fixed Asset
  • Period End and Financial Analysis
Business Reporting using IFS Business Reporter

You can generate business reports using the IFS Business Reporter, a reporting solution for analytical reporting based on a pre-packaged, high-level information model in IFS Applications and IFS Information Sources. This reporting tool extends the capabilities of Microsoft Excel to serve as a client for planning, reporting and analysis and provides an efficient and secure reporting solution which can be used by different functions and user categories within an enterprise. IFS Business Reporter is particularly suitable for number crunching:

  • Efficiently aggregate and group structured data in several dimensions
  • Add user defined calculations in report design. For example, totals, margins, differences, KPIs and so on
  • Provide subtotals on different levels
  • Display numbers and text using Excel standard formatting capabilities

Here are some sample reports:

Income Statement


Data Migration using Data Migration Manager

We help you migrate data across different environments using the IFS Data Migration Manager. You can store, harmonize, clean data, flag duplicates, convert and deploy the migration data between environments. The tool is built on generic data tables and uses meta data to describe the data and the requirements on the data, and is workflow driven and allows data deployment to the same environment or other environment via database links. These database links are setup by the cloud operations in cloud offering using the IFSMIG service user which is dedicated to data migration. Depicted below is a high-level workflow of the Data Migration Manager.

Data Migration Manager secures the complete migration process. It enables a new high-quality data build early in the process by dramatically reducing the duration and risks during the Go live. Below Diagram depicts the Process Overview of the Data Migration Manager.

User Management and Security Controls

We cover end-to-end configuration that includes Inventory management, Purchase management including Centralized management, Change order management, Subcontracting, Material Requirement planning, and shipment handling. Sales order processing including freight planning, pricing and make to order.

You can define users and manage them using well defined security controls. You can Define Several Activities in User Details:

  • Set User Account Lifetime
  • Assigning Permission Sets
  • Setup available Companies and Sites
  • Assigning Business Roles
  • Assigning User Group
  • Manage User Profile
  • Connect to Person

Assign Permission Sets

Permission Sets is the base for administrating authorities in IFS Applications. A Permission Set is a set of permissions which you can grant to users to give them the authority to perform tasks like view or update certain information. Use different types of permissions like access to Database Objects, Activities, Services or System Privileges. A user can be assigned several permission sets.

Setup available Companies and Sites

Define the companies or sites a user operates on.

Assign Business Roles

Assign or remove a business role to a user. Some roles are dependent on other roles and for many roles it is also required that a person is created for the user.

Assign User Group

Assign user groups to group several users into logical groupings.

Manage User Profile

Define the User Profile settings and assign a profile to the user.

Connect to Person

Define the person object in the system with information that is valid for the person and not necessarily for a user of IFS Applications, such as addresses, phone numbers and picture.

Ms.Christina. Costa Rica, APM Terminals.

SingleStreamERP are the best implementation partners we’ve ever worked with. The team in the perfect blend of knowledge, experience, and high professionalism. We highly recommend SSE for ERP implementation and migration projects.

Project Director

Melanie Hutson

We have tried partnering with different consultants to streamline our post implementation issues. However, none could really help us solve our problems completely. Once we identified and associated with SingleStreamERP, things changed dractically. The expert team of SingleStreamERP not only fixed our long standing issues, but also helped us streamline our processes. We appreciate and thank you for your fabulous job.

Vital Distributions, South Africa.

A.K. Srivastava

Mr. Rohtash Singh is highly professional with deep accounting know. We managed to get the best out of the IFS ERP implementation in HAL Lucknow.

Finance Director --HAL Lucknow


We struggled to locate and fix errors in mixed payment. Mr. Rohtash Singh and his team did a fabulous job in identifying and fixing these complex errors for us. We appreciate and highly recommend Mr.Rohtash Singh for his commitment and expertise.

Peter Nicolai Brostrup - Maersk Drilling - Denmark