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Our comprehensive, time-tested, and well researched processes help you achieve robust, clear, and complete solution implementation across your organization.


Step 1: Initiate Project

  • We establish the business case for the project and align the project with organization goals.
  • Evaluate the budget and define project timelines for Agile method of implementation.
  • Identify and assign the right team.

Step 2: Confirm Prototype

  • Define clear operational business rules.
  • Build prototypes and present a working model of how the product would work.
  • Give stakeholders a clear idea how the product would work, confirm the prototype solution.
  • Discuss requirements and remove any abstractions representations of the project.
  • Give progressive elaboration using the mock product. Get feedback and make revisions and confirm the refined solution scope.
  • If any development is needed, identify and scope the development needs.
  • Clearly define data usage and analyze the legacy data, if any.
  • Define the data migration approach.

Step 3: Establish Solution

  • Build Configurations, reports, interfaces, and notifications.
  • Specify and establish data.
  • Setup and test negotiation jobs.
  • Verify application solution.
  • Run Solution acceptance test.
  • Plan and prepare training and change management.
  • Plana and prepare governance.

Step 4: Implement Solution

  • Test Cutover.
  • Run operational readiness test.
  • End -user training and change management.

Step 5: Go Live

  • Cutover to live running and operational support.

Ms.Christina. Costa Rica, APM Terminals.

SingleStreamERP are the best implementation partners we’ve ever worked with. The team in the perfect blend of knowledge, experience, and high professionalism. We highly recommend SSE for ERP implementation and migration projects.

Project Director

Melanie Hutson

We have tried partnering with different consultants to streamline our post implementation issues. However, none could really help us solve our problems completely. Once we identified and associated with SingleStreamERP, things changed dractically. The expert team of SingleStreamERP not only fixed our long standing issues, but also helped us streamline our processes. We appreciate and thank you for your fabulous job.

Vital Distributions, South Africa.

A.K. Srivastava

Mr. Rohtash Singh is highly professional with deep accounting know. We managed to get the best out of the IFS ERP implementation in HAL Lucknow.

Finance Director --HAL Lucknow


We struggled to locate and fix errors in mixed payment. Mr. Rohtash Singh and his team did a fabulous job in identifying and fixing these complex errors for us. We appreciate and highly recommend Mr.Rohtash Singh for his commitment and expertise.

Peter Nicolai Brostrup - Maersk Drilling - Denmark