Why good RFP is critical for successful ERP Identification and Implementation?

Great RFP is the “Arc Reactor” of your ERP Armor Suit!

Did you ever ponder on the importance and vitality of a good Request for Proposal (RFP)? Yes, that’s the most important document that you would ever need for your ERP endeavors to be successful!

Before you even start looking for an effective ERP software for your organization, you must really get your hands dirty digging deep into every conceivable requirement and process of your organization. The more detailed and elaborate your RFP is, the better, easy, and effective will be your ERP solution.

Request for Proposal (RFP) is one the most critical documents that you will have to draft, even before you start looking out for an ERP software for your organization.

Why Is It So Important? Good RFP gives you absolute clarity about your business processes and requirements. It enables you to quickly evaluate different ERP Solutions and clearly identify the ones that match your requirements.

What Can You Do With a Good RFP?

With a good RFP in place, you are prepared and ready to invite different ERP consultants. Share your RFP with consultants form all prospective ERPs and kick start the evaluation process.

Good RFP helps the ERP consultants to quickly understand your requirements and tell you upfront if their ERP solution suits your requirements or not. You can further discuss your requirements with the ERP solution providers to:

identify the customizations

ask for a product demo

evaluate features

understand which ERP solution suits your organizational requirements

Once you select an ERP Software and begin the implementation process, your RFP plays a very critical role at every step of crafting an immaculate ERP solution.

You save both cost and time at every juncture:

1. Right from selecting the right software

2. Buying only those modules that are needed for your business

3. Customizing the ERP solution

4. Plan data cleanup and data migration

5. Implement the solution

6. Identify and integrate your ERP solution with other software, if needed

7. Successfully go live

The Bonus Advantage

With good RFP, you can identity the gaps in your own business process.

If required, your ERP consultant will help you re-engineer your processes and practices to adhere to the best industry standards. This in-turn helps you efficiently run your business by minimizing losses and manual slippages. It further helps you run a robust and effective business using your ERP solution.

Our Experience

Though good RFP seems like an obvious and simple step, in our experience we’ve seen that most of the times a bad RFP is the reason for a major ERP implementation disaster. The ripple effect of a bad RFP is seen at every step of the ERP solution selection, implementation, and post implementation.

Many clients end up choosing a wrong ERP solution, have issues during implementation, and post implementation because of one missing step in the big puzzle – failure to come-up with a good RFP document.We always emphasize the indispensable importance of a good RFP document and insist our clients to come up with a fool proof RFP document for a successful ERP implementation. As consultants we advise, guide, and help our clients to come up with a detailed RFP to ensure successful ERP identification, adaptation, and implementation.

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